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Artificial low plants

Brand: Baron Model: IO3
Want to add greenery to your home or office, but are worried about the care you need to take care of them? Our exotic orchid in bamboo pot is a perfect choice!● The orchid consists of 5 stems● Flower color: purple shades● Pot color: natural● Height: 70 cm● Number of stems: 5 pieces● Number of colors..
94.00 лв
 Artificial Orchid with bamboo pot
best selling
Brand: Baron Model: IO1
Beautiful artificial orchid with blue flowers placed in a pot made of natural bamboo, this wonderful flower does not require special care.● The orchid consists of 5 stems● Flower color: blue shades● Pot color: natural● Height: 90-92 cm● Number of stems: 5 pieces● Number of colors: 40 pieces● Number ..
110.00 лв
Model: DR 25
Model: DR 25Height: 0.70mColor: greenArtificial green plant in a pot.Decorative Zamia has an interesting shape and green color.The Zamia is close to the palm trees, but it is from the Cikas family.Does not require special cleaning care.Sale without a pot...
121.00 лв
Agave with broad leaves
best selling
Model: IK0002
Model: IK0002Height: 90cmColor of leaves: dark greenArtificial plant in a pot with a height of 90 cm.The decorative Agave is broad, dark green leaves.The artificial plant does not require special cleaning care, making it suitable for landscaping in hotels and restaurants.Sale without a pot...
94.00 лв
Artificial palm Dracena Fragrance
best selling
Model: INR54
Model: 7159Height: 60smColor: greenDecorative palm Dracena Fragnance with a height of 60 cm.The artificial plant gives a fresh appearance to every room.It is suitable for landscaping on open areas as well as indoors.Easy to clean and maintain.Sale without a pot...
24.00 лв
Brand: Baron Model: INR116
These high-quality ornamental plants with colorful colors, created through the use of new technologies, emphasize the sense of beauty and are suitable for any type of decoration and their big advantage is that the materials from which all our plants are made help the plants not fade from light . Wit..
5.30 лв
Artificial single Yucca 100cm Artificial single Yucca 100cm
best selling
Model: 01
Model: 01Height: 100cm - Price: 28,00BGN with VAT Color: greenDecorative artificial plant Yucca suitable for landscaping hotels and restaurants.There are two types of single Yucca . The first one is with height 100cm. The second one is with height 80cm.Artificial plant is easy to maint..
28.00 лв
Artificial Guzmanium 80cm.
best selling
Model: DR 24
Model: DR 24Height: 80cmNumber of colors: threeColour: redOrnamental plant in pot with three red flowers and green leaves.The artificial Guzmanium is 80 cm high.It does not require special care and maintenance.Sale without a pot...
75.00 лв
Brand: Baron Model: Artificial purple Orchid
Color of colors: purpleLeaf color: greenStem color: brownOrchid in purple color. The manufacture of the beautiful Orchid is as close as possible to its authentic appearance.The orchid is sold on a stalk.Sold without pot...
0.00 лв
Brand: Baron Model: JWT2727
Model: JWT2727Height: 45cmNumber of sheets: 12Color: green / yellowA beautiful ornamental potted plant with easy maintenance.The artificial plant is 45 cm high and consists of 12 leaves in green-yellow color. The interesting colors of the leaves give the exotic beauty of the decorative ornament.Sold..
0.00 лв
Model: DR 47
Model: DR 47Height: 60cm.Color: white colorsNumber of sheets: 9 pcs.Weight: 1.00kgDecorative white Kala, giving freshness and beauty to every room.The artificial material from which it is made makes it easy to clean and maintain. Which in turn makes Kala the perfect choice for landscaping in ho..
39.00 лв
Brand: Baron Model: 5-1
Decorative green plant in a pot.Easy to clean and maintain.Sale without the pot...
0.00 лв
Green artificial plant Yucca with an interesting design
best selling
Model: ID 11 (JWS2341)
Bring greenery into your space with this artificial plant with an interesting design without the need to take care of it.With flowing colors of the leaves from green to the end of the leaf with shades of pale pink and authentic embossed stem approaches the natural appearance of the plant.It is suita..
107.00 лв
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Potted plants are one of the most popular options for decorating countertops, tables, shelves and many other places. The artificial plants we offer are made of high quality materials, look super realistic, do not need much maintenance and fit anywhere, in your interior or exterior.

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