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Artificial palms and trees

Faux Tree with Ostrich Feathers
Model: 0007
The wood can be made in different sizes and number of feathers. Send us a message for more information...
1,150.00 лв
Pahira with red leaves and intertwined stem
best selling
Model: ID 47 (DR 63)
Pahira with red leaves - also called the money tree. The specific in this plant is the stem, which is most often found in an intertwined form. Pahira is an original and memorable tree.●Model: ID 47 (DR 63)●Height: 123sm●Color of the stem: green●Color of the leaves: redBeautiful decorative tree with ..
94.00 лв
Artificial tree Money 220 cm
best selling
Brand: Baron Model: JWS1863
Artificial tree with an authentic appearance and green round leaves that give a completely real look to the product even to the touch.The tree is a beautiful addition to both your home interior and your workplace.● Model: JWS1863● Height: 220cm● Color: green● Weight: 4.50kgThe materials from which o..
242.00 лв
Ficus Benjamin with interwoven stems
best selling
Model: DR 59
Model: DR 59Height: 160 cm.Leaf color: greenStem color: brownNumber of sheets: 1440 pcsWeight: 2,140 kg.Artificial Ficus Benjamin, height 160cm. The decorative tree has beautifully intertwined stems that give it an exotic look.The decorative tree consists of 1440 green pointed leaves.No special..
132.00 лв
Pahira with green leaves
best selling
Model: DR 14
Beautiful decorative Pahira with green leaves.The artificial plant has an interesting shape, creating a fresh and exotic look of any room.It is suitable for landscaping of offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and beauty studios.The price of pahira is very reasonable and this allows you to or..
75.00 лв
Model: DR 62
Interesting and modern tree on 3 floors, consisting of 3696 green leaves.To achieve an effect very similar to the natural look of a tree, we use the best materials in its creation.Decorate your home with a special and refined style and add a touch of elegance to your office, restaurant or reception...
121.00 лв
Model: DR 66
Aesthetically pleasing artificial tree Rhododendron is 130 cm high and contains 2255 green leaves.The stem of the tree is intertwined, which makes it an interesting and natural-looking vision.The beautiful tree will give a fresh look to any room. Rhododendron can be used for both indoor and outdoor ..
108.00 лв
Azalia tree with a curved stem
best selling
Model: ID 24
Beautiful decorative tree with an interesting design.The artificial plant is a symbiosis between a tree and a bush.Its interesting vision - curved stem and pink flowers, make it a great addition to the interior of any restaurant, office, shopping center, restaurant, cafes, outdoor terraces and garde..
94.00 лв
Model: DR 12
Decorative artificial Schefflera tree, suitable for landscaping hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and summer gardens.The tree has an interesting shape and fresh green leaves. The workmanship of the stem is close to its authentic appearance.The artificial green tree is suitable for any decoration i..
121.00 лв
Model: JWS2025
Artificial azalea tree with beautiful white flowers in the form of bells located on the twigs.The tree has large green leaves and an authentic beautiful stem.It gives eternal beauty, mood, color and fresh look to any room.If you are still looking for the perfect artificial tree that you do not have ..
115.00 лв
American Klen Small
best selling
Model: DR 65
Model: DR 65Weight: 160smNumber of leaves: 350Weight: 3 kgDecorative tree with orange - red leaves, giving an interesting and exotic appearance.The American maple has a height of 160 cm and a weight of 3.00.The tree is light and easy to carry.It can be an element of any interior and exterior.Sa..
125.00 лв
Wisteria tree with purple color
best selling
Brand: Baron Model: DR 20
Artificial tree Wisteria with purple flowers, the beautiful decorative tree is 150 cm high.It is made with an intertwined wooden pillar, green leaves and purple flowers.It is suitable for open and closed areas - landscaping of offices, restaurants, beauty studios, hotels, summer gardens and outdoor ..
95.00 лв
Artificial tree Lemon
best selling
Model: ID 50 (DR15)
Decorative citrus tree with artificial fruits - lemon, the tree is 180 cm high.The fresh tree has a crown of green leaves with yellow lemons hanging from some branches, and the stem is brown with a super authentic look.Its construction completely resembles the natural appearance of the lemon tree.It..
125.00 лв
Green tree with pink roses
best selling
Model: ID23
Beautiful decorative tree with a brown wooden intertwined stem, 720 green leaves and flowers in the shape of a rose.The tree gives freshness, beauty and exoticism to any interior and is 130 cm high, can be used in different styles of landscaping.The richly decorated crown of green petals with pink f..
121.00 лв
Peony tree
best selling
Model: DR 70
Decorative Peony with beautiful pink flowers, the artificial plant gives beauty and fresh look to any room and is 180 cm high.Peony is suitable for the decor of any restaurant, hotel reception, photo studio, indoor or outdoor recreation facilities, offices and the corridor / hallway of your home.If ..
125.00 лв
Pineapple flower
best selling
Model: ID22
Model: DR 41Height: 200cmColor: redArtificial plant in a pot with a height of 200 cm.The pineapple flower has 3 red colours and green leaves.The decorative plant is lightweight and easy to carry.It is suitable for landscaping both indoors and outdoors.Sale without a pot...
138.00 лв
Model: DR 13
Decorate your home or workplace with the tree of luck, the artificial tree is 220 cm high.The tree of fortune is grown in many homes because of the trust it brings to its owners with energy and strength and brings success and wealth.People's belief in folk dictates encourages them to prefer this pla..
220.00 лв
Artificial tree Apple
best selling
Model: ID 19 (DR 50)
Height: 180 cmCount of leaves: 630 pcs.Weight: 4.00kgDecorative tree with 630 leaves and apple fruits. The leaves of the apple tree are green in color, the interesting intertwined stem in brown, and the fruits in beautiful red and yellow colors.The tree looks extremely authentic and can hardly be de..
105.00 лв
Palm Cycas
best selling
Brand: Baron Model: IK0077
Artificial palm tree Tsikas with a height of 120 cm and an exotic appearance.It is suitable for landscaping of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, relaxation areas, as well as for the interior of the home. The decorative palm tree gives a charismatic and eccentric look to any room.The material fr..
150.00 лв
Model: DR 21
Exotic decorative banana palm without fruits. The palm is 260 cm high and brings a stylish feeling to the place where you put it.The artificial palm tree consists of 15 leaves with tinge shades of green, the stem of the palm tree looks completely real and authentic. The palm tree has an exotic, fres..
320.00 лв
Artificial Little Palm
best selling
Model: JWT1583
Model: JWT1583Dimensions: 110 cm.Color: greenDecorative small palm with a height of 110 cm in green color.The palm will give an exotic look to every room. Does not require special cleaning and maintenance care.Sale without a pot...
75.00 лв
Model: DR 72
Decorative palm tree in green color with a height of 170 cm. The exotic palm tree is the perfect addition to the interior and exterior of any hotel, restaurant, office, shop as well as suitable for the decor of your home.The wall of the TV at home looks boring, and there is no finished look - with t..
160.00 лв
Apple tree
best selling
Model: IK0106
Model: IK0106Height: 150cmColor of the sheets: greenArtificial apple tree with a height of 150 cm.The decorative tree has a thin stem, small sharp leaves and decorative apples with pink color.The artificial tree is suitable for any type of landscaping.Sale without a pot...
121.00 лв
Hydrangea purple bush
best selling
Model: DR 71
Artificial beautiful shrub Hydrangea with purple color and green leaves.The shrub is 120 cm high, captures the surroundings at first sight, with its exquisite purple flowers resembling a natural plant. The hydrangea is suitable for decorating wedding halls, hotels, restaurants, gardens and balconies..
132.00 лв
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