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Decorative Screen Panels

Bamboo fence OB06
Model: OB06
A bamboo fence is ideal for those looking for an exotic look and natural atmosphere in their spaces. It combines aesthetics with functionality and offers a unique look to your yard or garden object.Thanks to the high quality of materials and workmanship, this bamboo fence is long-lasting and does no..
294.00 лв
Bamboo fence OB07
Model: OB07
Bamboo fencing is easy to install and maintain. It can be placed on a metal or wooden structure or even used as a natural shield to create a border between two areas. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the fence will ensure its durability and preserve its aesthetic appearance.Bamboo fence Dimension..
85.00 лв
 Wooden vase for flowers DK07
best selling
Model: DK07
Vase with a beautiful design, a favorite decoration for the interior of restaurants, hotels or home, a great gift offer that will give a great look to any room.● Model: DK07● Dimensions:   - height: 66cm   - upper diameter: ⌀18   - lower diameter:&..
71.00 лв
Model: PR04
Free-standing folding screen made of dark wood, folds extremely easily with the help of hinges, which makes it very convenient to store when not in use, can be used for decoration or as a partition.●  Model: PR04● Dimensions of screen: 135х3.5х172 cm.● Dimensions..
408.00 лв
Model: PR06
Exquisite dividing free-standing screen with 3 panels in gray color, folds easily for convenient storage, suitable for living room or bedroom in any home, can also be used as a divider in the garden.● Model: PR06● Screen size: 135х3.5х172 cm.● Dimensions of one leaf:&..
420.00 лв
Model: OB03
Bamboo fences have the advantage that they can be installed as individual panels that are extremely strong and resistant to weather conditions, the fence is in natural bamboo colors.● Dimensions: 2.00 x 2.00m● Material: bamboo● The diameter of the bamboo sticks is 20-22mm.● Wei..
175.00 лв
Bamboo fence 2x2m; diam. 30-35mm - OB01
best selling
Model: OB01
Our bamboo fences are very popular because they have a unique oriental look, suitable for your summer garden, restaurant or balcony, will bring a feeling of the desired tropical atmosphere.● Dimensions: 2.00x2.00m● Material: bamboo● The diameter of the bamboo sticks is 30-35mm.●&nbs..
195.00 лв
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