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Kiddie Rides

Model: Car
Electric toy coin operated with coins and tokens.The ride is musical and can be adjusted up to 3 minutes.The kiddie ride is in fresh colors. It can be placed in children's centers, hotels, and restaurants...
1,810.00 лв
Model: WX-S10
Model: WX-S10Weight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is corn-shaped.There is an interesting look that makes it a favorite attraction for children.Works with various coins and tokens...
1,350.00 лв
Model: WX-S20
Model: WX-S20El. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride has an interesting butterfly shape.The ride is electric and coin-operated.The kiddie ride WX-S20 is musical...
1,500.00 лв
Model: WX-S72
The children's coin wobbler is attractive for all children, which makes it a suitable attraction for placement in restaurants, children's corners, hotels and in front of hypermarkets.● Model: WX-S72● El. motor: 220V● Screen: Yes● Music: Yes● Duration: 3 min.● Weight: 30 kg.Electric children's shor..
1,850.00 лв
Model: WX-S89
Model: WX-S89El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has a built-in screen and is musical, which catches the attention of the little ones.The ride works with coins and tokens according to the pattern...
1,550.00 лв
Model: WX-S68
Model: WX-S68El. engine: 220VMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgChildren's clutter works with coins and tokens. The duration of the wobble is 3 min, which can be adjusted. The toy itself is electrically driven.The WX-S68 Kiddie ride is musical, which attracts children's attention. It is suitabl..
2,000.00 лв
Model: WX-S90
Model: WX-S90Screen: yesMusic: yesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has an interesting design that attracts children's attention.The ride is electric and works with coins or tokens as per the template. The duration of the kiddie ride is 3 minutes per standard. It can be adjusted accordin..
1,800.00 лв
Model: WX-S56
Model: WX-S56El. engine: 220VMusic: yesElectric helicopter working with coins and tokens.Kids' clutter is a fun attraction for toddlers, making it suitable for placement in hotels and bars.Works with coins and tokens...
3,600.00 лв
Model: WX-S23
Model: WX-S23El. engine: 220VMusic: yesElectric motor with electric motor 220V.The kiddie ride is musical. The standard duration of the wobble is 3 minutes. It can be changed.The ride with coins or tokens according to the pattern...
2,310.00 лв
Kiddie Ride WX-S771
-41 %
Model: WX-S771
Model: WX-S57El. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride is designed for two children.The product is musical with many lights, adding more excitement to the children's play.There are two caterpillars and a big flower next to the horn.The kiddie ride works with coins...
2,500.00 лв 4,230.00 лв
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Electric children's kiddie rides, with different shapes of favorite children's cartoon characters, working with coins and tokens, attracting children's attention. The operating time of the child rocker can be changed according to the customer's preferences. The wobblers have a built-in screen and music sound.

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